We have 4 new Children's Books from local author P. J. HartelNaus



Belden Boy Series

The Adventures of Peter McDugal

My Sometimes Pal

Backwoods Bully

Li’L Bob – Journey of a Lost Pup


Background on the author


P.J. HarteNaus now lives in the small town historic town of Galena in the Midwest, home to the Belden Boy Series. She taught elementary students in Glen Ellyn, Il, for 35 years focusing on Literacy and Social Studies. It was the perfect combination to teach children subjects the author loved.  Over the years P.J. empowered her students to love reading and writing, sharing their stories at Storytime Cafe each Friday afternoon. She also encouraged the children to voice their thoughts and opinions, taking time to have classroom conversations often. P.J. soon realized that she was hearing the same theme over and over again and that theme was bullying.

At the same time, P.J. hiked the hills and valleys of Galena, a drift-less zone of incredible beauty.  On one of those hikes, she came across an old 1859 one-room schoolhouse, Belden School. She was asked to write a proposal of how to best utilize the icon. One thing led to another... from the finding of an 1871 journal from Belden in the dumpster by a gentleman farmer named "Big Bob", to gathering the names of students and having many anecdotal conversations with those who knew about the old school,  to the discovery of artifacts around the building and down by the creek, HarteNaus took into consideration the stories of bullying from her students, along with her own stories, and created the Belden Boy Series- the Adventures of Peter McDugal  was born from that discovery.  The rest is history!

Note of Interest: I retired from the classroom in 2016, but not teaching children! My gift upon departure was dedicating the third and newest book in the Belden Boy Series, Backwoods Bully, to all of my students past and present.  If it wasn't for my students, my children, the Belden Boy Series might not have been.  Along the way, I would ask the children for their thoughts and advice of how I should say this or that from Peter McDugal or Franky....and yes, I received a lot of advice!  It was well worth it.  They are my Belden children!  Each of my students received their own signed copy the last day of school, and the day before retirement!

                                                                                                                                                ~ P.J. HarteNaus



For more information about P. J. and her books, please see https://www.beldenboy.com/