History of the Library

The Elizabeth Township Library was founded in 1933 as a Village Project by the community in joint effort with the Works Progress Administration.  Those individuals initially involved were Elizabeth School superintendent Harold Taft, Postmaster Coveny, Mrs. Coveny and Cora Bryson.

In 1933-34 the Farm Bureau was vacated at 200 E. Myrtle Street.  A room was offered rent free and consequently the Elizabeth Library was formed.  This address became the first home of the Library.  Mrs. Cecil (George) Scott was hired as librarian with Mrs. Bryson as Assistant.  When the room was rented again to another party the library moved to Superintendents Taft’s office and remained there until 1943.  In April of 1943 a tax referendum was proposed and the ballot proposal to continue the Elizabeth Library passed 146-42.