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Request Books

If you are looking for an item that our library does not have, we will be glad to order the item through inter-library loan for you. Email us with your request.

You can also search for the item on the link marked 'Catalog' along the top of the page. This catalog includes items held at Elizabeth as well as numerous other Illinois libraries. Using your library card you can place a 'hold' on the item once you locate it or Email us the information and our staff will order the item and notify you when it arrives.

If you have any questions please call us, 815.858.2212 and we would be happy to assist you.

Request a document under the Freedom of Information Act

How to File a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request

with the Elizabeth Township Public Library
1.      Please file your request for records in writing. No specific form is required. You may submit your written request by mail, fax or email. Please direct all requests to:
Elizabeth Township Public Library
FOIA Officer – Deborah Wunsch
210 E. Myrtle St.
PO Box 243
Elizabeth, IL 61028
Fax: 815.858.3475
2.      Please be as specific as possible when describing the records you are seeking. Remember, the Freedom of Information Act is designed to allow you to inspect or receive copies of records, not to require a public body to answer questions.
3.      Please tell us whether you would like copies of the requested records or would like to examine the records in person.
4.      There is no fee for up to fifty (50) pages of standard paper copies. For copies beyond fifty (50) there is a .10 cent per page fee.
5.      You are permitted to ask for a waiver of all copying fees. To do so you must include a specific explanation as to why your request for information is in the public interest – not simply your personal interest – and merits a fee waiver. Please be sure to indicate in the form of a statement your request for the waiving of all fees associated with the request.
6.      Please include your name, mailing address, telephone number, and your e-mail address.
7.      If you have any questions please contact our FOIA Officer – Deborah Wunsch at (815) 858-2212 or via e-mail at
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Get a Library Card


If you live in Elizabeth Township, you may get a library card free of charge, as part of your tax-supported library service.
Your library card allows you to:
To get a library card simply come into the library and fill out an application, provide two (2) forms of identification, and bring a parent or guardian if under 14 years of age.
If you live outside Elizabeth Township, but within the River Ridge School District you can purchase a Non-resident Card for $60.00 per year. Non-resident cards provide the same services as a resident card.
We also issue Reciprocal Borrower cards to anyone that has a valid library card from an IL Public Library. Please bring your card with you when requesting an Elizabeth card. Reciprocal Borrower's may not order books through inter-library loan at the Elizabeth library.

Renew Books

To renew books and other items, please call or email us at least three (3) days prior to the items due date. We can not guarantee that you will be able to renew Inter-Library Loan items, or New Items, as there is often a waiting list.

Get a Newsfeed of Library Headlines

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