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The Elizabeth Township Library is a small community library, located in Northwest Illinois. We have the newest best selling authors, a large Christian Fiction section, large print, audio books, DVD's and more. Our Staff & Board of Trustee's is dedicated to providing you with resources and information for both enjoyment and instruction. For announcements and current happenings, see Library News.

Our Services for You

Your Library Card

Library cards are provided free of charge to all residents of our township, as part of your tax-supported library services. Your card gives you borrowing privileges here and at most public libraries in Illinois, access to special online resources, and more. Click here to learn how to get a library card.

Interlibrary Loan

If you need a book, DVD, or other item that we don't have, ask us to borrow it from another library for you. 

Reference Desk

Any of our Staff members can help you locate the information you need.

Programs and Events

We have a regular schedule of educational and cultural events for all ages. See our calendar for details.


We have 3 public access computers available during business hours. Everyone who uses a library computer must follow our policy regarding computer and Internet use.

Photocopies and Faxes

Our Staff would be glad to assist you with your copies and faxes. Black and white copies are available for $0.10 each. Color copies are available for $0.25 each.  Fee for faxing is $1.00 per outgoing page, and $0.10 per incoming page. Cover sheets are available.


Our Staff

Deborah Wunsch, Library Administrator

Karen Leathers, Circulation Manager

Betty Brown, Library Assistant

Scott Toot, Library Assistant

Cheyanne Martelle, Library Assistant


FOIA Officer - Deborah Wunsch

OMA Designees - Deborah Wunsch, Jan Pascoe

Library Policies

Below are some of the policies about the public's use of the library.

Circulation Policy

All items are checked out for a 13 day period, which is counted using only the days we are open. You may renew items one (1) time by bringing the item in, calling us or emailing us the request for renewal.

Fines are $0.20 per item, per day, calculated for each day the item is overdue, with a $3.00 per item maximum.

You are responsible for the items you check out. Fees will be charged for items damaged or lost. If the materials are from another library, the damage/lost fee is established by the loaning library.

Failure to pay any fines and fees will result in suspension of library service, including borrowing materials, internet access, and computer use.

Community Room Use

We do not have a community room for patrons or organizations to use.

Computer/Internet Use

Computer and Internet Use Policy

It is preferred that all computer users have a library card. Anyone under 17 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign their Internet User’s Agreement. Patrons under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for internet supervision. Patrons must register with the Circulation desk, prior to utilizing any of the public access computers.
A one hour time limit will be enforced on all computers. Patrons may be permitted to extend their computer use past one hour if there is no one waiting for a computer. The maximum time allotted per patron is two hours per computer. Printing, continued searches or work will not be permitted if time allotment is up.
Library Staff may interrupt or cancel any patron’s computer use at any time.
Patrons may not modify, download software or reconfigure computers in anyway. Patrons may not engage in any activity which seeks to gain unauthorized access to library resources & databases, disrupts intended use of the internet, or any activities which violate, compromise, or destroy the integrity of any library computer. Any patron causing damage to computers and/or computer equipment will be held financially responsible for repairs and/or replacement. Cost to patron will include any legal or recovery fees incurred in collection of funds.
Information may be printed or saved to 3.5” floppy or CD available at the Circulation Desk. Cost of discs or printing will be as stated in current service fees schedule.
Any patron with outstanding fines will be denied computer and/or internet access.
Approved: February 24th, 2004
Revised: March 16th, 2004
Revised & Approved: December 10th, 2009
Internet Users Agreement
 I recognize that use of the internet is a privilege. I agree to abide by the Computer & Internet   Use Policy and the following:
1.      I will not use internet service for unlawful purposes. I understand that transmission of material in violation of US or state regulations is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: any material that is copyrighted, threatening, or obscene.
2.      I understand information obtained via the internet is at my own risk and the library offers no guarantees as to accuracy or validity of information.
3.      I will observe posted rules governing use of hardware and software.
4.      I will take proper care of all equipment, and will immediately report any problem I encounter during my computer or equipment use to library staff.
5.      I agree to hold harmless the Elizabeth Township Public Library for any and all claims of any nature, arising from my utilizing this service.
I understand that failure to observe these or other library policies may result in suspension of my use of computers, internet, or any related services or equipment.



If you would like to make a donation of materials or have any questions, please contact our Library Administrator.  

Library Holidays & Closings for 2018

 Holiday Hours Policy

It shall be the policy of the Board of Trustees to designate closed holiday hours for the library in November of each year for the upcoming calendar year. Holiday hours will be posted for review by all employees. They will also be posted in a timely fashion as a notice to library patrons. Holiday closings will be typically based on the following holidays; however, some adjustments will be made as needed for each year.


2018  Closed Dates

New Year’s Day – Monday, January 1st

Martin Luther King’s Birthday – Monday, January 15th

President’s Day – Monday, February 19th

Memorial Day – Monday, May 28th

Independence Day – Wednesday, July 4th

Labor Day – Monday, September 3rd

Veteran’s Day – Monday, November 12th

Thanksgiving Day – Thursday, November 22nd

Friday after Thanksgiving – Friday, November 23rd

Christmas Eve – Monday, December 24th

Christmas Day – Tuesday, December 25th



Reviewed & Approved: Septemer 08th, 2016

Lost, Damaged, Overdue Item Policy

Lost, Damaged, and Overdue Book Policy


The purpose of this policy is to prevent, discourage, and prohibit the injury to any book or library material or property, real or personal, and the failure to return any book or library material or property to the library. Therefore, the policy of the Elizabeth Township Public Library is as follows:

 Section 1:     Any person who shall fail to return in undamaged condition any book or library material belonging to or originally borrowed from the custody of the library shall be fined as herein provided:



Adult Fines: (i.e. where an adult borrower card is used)


Books, periodicals, cassettes, CD’s, DVD’s, VHS and paperbacks - $0.20 per day, with a maximum fine of $3.00


Juvenile Fines: (i.e. where a juvenile borrower card is used)


Books, periodicals, cassettes, CD’s, DVD’s, VHS, paperbacks, and bag books - $0.20 per day, with a maximum fine of $3.00


Fee for Lost Library Cards:


Adult Cards - $5.00 for each card lost


Juvenile Cards - $5.00 for each card lost


Lost Materials


Cataloged books, paperbacks, cassettes, CD’s, DVD’s, VHS, audio books, and prints – Replacement cost plus a $5.00 per item service charge


Periodicals – Replacement cost plus a $1.00 per item service charge


Uncataloged Paperbacks – Replacement cost plus a $3.00 service charge


Damaged Materials


If items are returned in damaged condition, but can be rebound or repaired a repair fee of $10.00 per item will be charged


If items are returned in damaged condition that makes them unusable, value or replacement cost, plus service charge of $5.00 per item will be charged.


Section 2:     Failure to pay outstanding fees and service charges will result in suspended borrowing and use privileges, until fees are paid in full. Suspension of privileges includes inter-library loan borrowing, reciprocal borrowing, downloading digital materials, computer use and internet access.


Section 3:     The term ‘replacement cost’ used in Section 1E above is the price the library must pay to obtain another copy of the item. If the particular title is no longer available, the cost is a figure based on the average price of such an item, so that the library may obtain another title of a similar nature: $30.00 for adult hard cover non-fiction and fiction; $20.00 for adult cataloged paperback fiction and non-fiction; $10.00 for adult un-cataloged paperbacks; and $15.00 for children’s books.


Section 4:     As to lost materials (Sec. 1D above), the library will utilize a refund policy on the following items: cataloged books, paperbacks, CD’s, cassettes, VHS, DVD’s, may be returned  within two (2) months for a refund of the value or replacement cost paid subject to the rules relating to damaged materials and fines for overdue materials. The service charge will not be refunded.







FinePolicy2012revised.doc29.5 KB

Patron Conduct Policy


Elizabeth Township Public Library
Patron Conduct Policy
                The Elizabeth Township Public Library is dedicated to providing patrons the right to use materials and services without being disturbed or impeded, as well as providing patrons and staff a secure and comfortable environment. Therefore, the Board of Trustees has established the following:
I.                    A patron who engages in any activity which disrupts the use of library facilities, collections, or services to patrons or disrupts the ability of staff to perform its duties shall cease such activity immediately upon request by any staff member.
II.                  If a minor is involved in any incident, identification will be requested and the incident will be reported to the parent or guardian.
III.                If, following a staff request, the patron fails to or refuses to comply with the request or responds in an abusive fashion (threats, aggressive behavior, etc...), the patron will be required to leave the library premises immediately and for the remainder of that calendar day. If patron refuses to leave, the police will be summoned.
IV.                The Library Director will be notified of any and all instances and may require a written record of the incident to be presented to the Board of Trustees.
V.                  Parents or guardians of minors will be notified in writing if a minor is required to leave the library and advised of the consequences of any further incidents.
VI.                Library Staff are to call 911 and request police presence at any time they feel the safety of themselves, library patrons, or library property is being jeopardized. The Library Director will also be called. An incident report will be requested by the Director and will be passed onto the Board of Trustee’s for further action.
VII.              The Library Board of Trustees may, under section 75 ILCS 5/4-7 (11): “exclude from the use of the library any person who willfully violates the rules prescribed by the board. “
 Approved November 12th, 2009

Unattended Children

Parents and guardians are asked to monitor their children at all times during visits to the library. Encourage them to use inside voices and be considerate of others who are using the library. Parents or guardians will be held responsible for the conduct of their children as described in our Patron Conduct Policy.

History of the Library

The Elizabeth Township Library was founded in 1933 as a Village Project by the community in joint effort with the Works Progress Administration.  Those individuals initially involved were Elizabeth School superintendent Harold Taft, Postmaster Coveny, Mrs. Coveny and Cora Bryson.

In 1933-34 the Farm Bureau was vacated at 200 E. Myrtle Street.  A room was offered rent free and consequently the Elizabeth Library was formed.  This address became the first home of the Library.  Mrs. Cecil (George) Scott was hired as librarian with Mrs. Bryson as Assistant.  When the room was rented again to another party the library moved to Superintendents Taft’s office and remained there until 1943.  In April of 1943 a tax referendum was proposed and the ballot proposal to continue the Elizabeth Library passed 146-42.

Job Openings

There are currently no positions available.

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities for volunteers may include assisting during summer reading program, reading during story time, assisting in preservation and repair in our local history section, and providing book reviews.

If you are interested in volunteering your time at the library, please stop in and speak to our library Director. Every volunteer is asked to complete a simple application helping us utilize your unique abilities and skills.

Illinois State Library Services

The Illinois State Library provides you with services directly, through us, and in cooperation with other agencies.